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Specialist introducers of mortgage solutions to the Company Director community

Established by Tim Rainey we help directors of companies secure mortgage financing for their properties every day. As specialist introducers to your community we are aware of how your personal situation is unique enough to challenge many high street lenders beyond their practical knowledge.

If your employees can secure financing easily then so should you.

You make more money than most people, you may receive your money erratically, you plan your income in a tax-efficient manner and you are probably more aware of the benefits of property investing over the longer term — A profile that is enough to put-off most high street lenders… If you are a company director, we are your perfect mortgage partner.

Company Director Mortgages is an introducer to Y-not Finance Limited

You should be talking to us if any of the following apply.

  • your accounts do not really reflect your up-to-date company position
  • you can’t provide two or three years accounts
  • your accounts are constructed to minimise tax payable by showing the least amount of taxable net profit
  • you are unable to provide evidence of contract renewals over a one or two-year period
  • it’s hard to prove your income and your income is variable and perhaps it has just increased significantly in the last year.

If any of the points above apply...

We will look at the whole market on your behalf and dependent on your current financial profile we will come up with the best deals that can accommodate your unique circumstances.

We can work with you to help you buy your first home, a second home, rental properties, commercial properties or re-mortgages.

Company Director’s Mortgages

Then with the right assistance you may be eligible for the Company Director Specific Lending criteria, allowing you up to a maximum loan to value of 95% utilising different combinations of salary, dividend, net or gross profit to meet your needs, all of course subject to status and time trading. Call us for more information or email tim@y-notfinance.co.uk to find out more.

Many company directors feel more comfortable buying a property than investing in pensions. They feel that this is more under their control as they have an intimate knowledge of their locality. They also feel a need to protect themselves from their own clearing bank and find a cheaper source of expansion monies. Take a look at our Director mortgage FAQ to learn more about the special opportunities that exist for company directors and the mortgage products that could be available to you.

Whether you are are in the very early stages or need a mortgage fast give us a call or contact us via our simple online quotation form.

If you are not a Company Director but have a similar financial profile… get in touch we can almost certainly help you get that property!

Your initial mortgage consultation is obligation free. Our typical fee to engage a new client is £345 although we may charge a fee of up to 1% of the total amount borrowed. For example, if the total amount borrowed is £150,000 our 1% charge would be £1,500. However, we only charge up to 1% of the total amount borrowed if the case is particularly complex.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.